Small Footprint, Big Impact

We are pleased to announce our exciting new relationship with Ulupalakua Ranch.  Some of our sunglasses will eventually come from Ulupalakua Ranch on the southwestern slopes of the Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui. First established in 1845, the ranch now breeds cattle and sustains a winery upon its rich volcanic soils. On almost 20,000 acres of gorgeous Hawaiian landscape, the organization also protects many local flora and fauna that have called the region home for thousands of years.

Responsibly sourcing wood from this tropical paradise was not an easy task. How could we share a little bit of the island without compromising its rich natural beauty?

The answer to this important question came, quite unexpectedly, from the devastating power of hurricanes. Pacific tropical storms often wreak havoc on island communities, leaving behind a trail of destruction and debris. In August 2014 alone, Tropical Storm Iselle caused thousands of dollars of damage and toppled almost a thousand trees at Ulupalakua Ranch, but even this tragedy can be part of creative a new beginning. In the near future some of our glasses will be produced from the beautiful wood of these fallen eucalyptus trees.

Never before has a consumer wood product been made in this way from Ulupalakua Ranch. Who could have thought that something so devastating could be turned into a piece of unique wearable art?

How They’re Made

Raw Materials

Repurposed eucalyptus wood collected from fallen trees on Ulupalakua Ranch on the island of Maui, Hawaii.


Carved on high-end 3-Axis CNC routers, providing tremendous precision and consistency. After the wood is finished, custom Polynesian art is laser-cut into each pair of wood glasses.


All parts and components (lenses, frames, canisters, pouches, packaging, etc.) are put together at our assembly and distribution center right in the middle of the United States.


Our strategically-located facility in Oklahoma allows us to distribute our products nationally with minimal shipping costs, both to our retail locations and online buyers throughout the contiguous United States.

End of Life

All consumer products have a life cycle, and when our durable sunglasses finally meet their end, they return to the ground from which they came. Simply remove and discard the lenses and hinges before burning the wood or burying it in the ground. Who knows? Our natural wood finish and laser-etched artwork are so unique that you might just want to repurpose parts of your old frames for creative jewelry or mini picture frames. Whatever you decide, a little piece of Hawaii will have found a permanent home in your part of the world.